Writers, by nature, are lay philosophers mining their own lives looking for some kind of universal truth. The old saying write what you know is exactly what every writer is hoping for no matter what it is they’re trying to accomplish. As a writer I know this: The more truthful I can be, the more honest and emotionally open I am willing to expose myself, the better my writing will be to read and consequently the better I will feel to have purged my subconscious.

Joe Schwartz Fiction – A BIRD IN THE HAND

Joe Schwartz Fiction I looked under the bus. The hand was there. It was curled, palm upward as if waiting to catch something. But what? Her wedding ring was still on the third finger, an enormous rock big as a large pea. Jack sure as hell knew how to make money and was even better at shitting it down the… Read more →


Joe Schwartz Fiction Leaning across my seat, I asked, “Where you headed?” The man looked in my car through the open passenger window. He was not as old as I thought dressed in his grubby clothes examining the inside of my car. “South,” he said. “How far you going?” “About ten miles,” I said. “That’ll have to do,” he said.… Read more →

Are You A Writer?

There are probably a million good reasons to write. Could be the next Gone with the Wind is burning inside you or simply a story that you want to preserve for your children i.e., The Shack. To write a novel, something so good that it lives on to become something of a symbol, is a long and winding road. Only… Read more →