Are You A Writer?

There are probably a million good reasons to write. Could be the next Gone with the Wind is burning inside you or simply a story that you want to preserve for your children i.e., The Shack. To write a novel, something so good that it lives on to become something of a symbol, is a long and winding road. Only… Read more →

Conversation with Jacob

It isn’t often fictional characters come to life outside of a writer’s imagination after the book is finished. Sometimes these people have become so real in my mind that I can’t help but wonder how they’re doing. The crazy thing, other than talking to imaginary people who live in my head, is they miss me as much as I do… Read more →


Dudes don’t talk, or better yet, cannot talk. If a dude goes over to one of his bros garages and says something to the effect of, “Man, I wish I was dead,” it is most likely that his friend will politely ask him to shut up by offering him a beer, turning on any TV game with a ball, and… Read more →

Rock Star 101

The challenges to becoming a professional fiction writer, an entertainer, are no different or less difficult than trying to become a rock star. Sitting in with a band for the first time I think it is damn near impossible not to have a sudden rush of blood to the ego filled with delusions of grandeur. I, like countless others, once… Read more →


Writers, by nature, are lay philosophers mining their own lives looking for some kind of universal truth. The old saying write what you know is exactly what every writer is hoping for no matter what it is they’re trying to accomplish. As a writer I know this: The more truthful I can be, the more honest and emotionally open I… Read more →