The Games Men Play



          The title is a double entendre. Each story is titled in the literal sense of games generally associated with men alone, i.e. golf, pool, poker, chess. The stories though are an examination of men and their especially private faults, and not to be a misogynist, a few women too. I am not as interested in the headline “Four Found Dead In Car” as in how they came to be that way. My strongest desire, whether I’m telling the story of a bereaved father looking for revenge, or a senator’s aide willing to do whatever it takes for his boss, or a story about a child who is caught in the complexities of his parent’s divorce, is that I want the reader to be there experiencing it all firsthand.





What people are saying…

“Raw and real, this is a book of short stories you don’t want to miss. The author seems to know the St. Louis streets, and the real world, like the back of his hand. An eye opening and entertaining read.

Joe Schwartz made me an instant fan with his first short story collection Joe’s Black T-Shirt. The Games Men Play is even better. These stories are dark, gritty snapshots of people you might pass by at any given time. These aren’t just characters on paper. They feel real, as if they could step off the page and walk down the street with you. Schwartz has a way of engaging readers by giving enough detail to captivate without offering so much that you’re bored. He always leaves me wanting more – but in a good way. If you’re looking to get sucked in to a world that might make you grimace while you eagerly turn pages, this collection is a must.”

– BookAddict


Published 2011 by Glorious Bastards Press
ISBN 1463739001 (ISBN13: 9781463739003)
other editions (2)

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