The Veiled Prophet of Saint Louis


the veiled prophet of saint louis


The Veiled Prophet of Saint Louis

Joe Schwartz is shining a spotlight on the Midwest with stories that are nothing less than remarkable. His dark, gritty, visceral transgressive style is like a sharp punch to the gut, always leaving the reader breathless and wanting more. His previous collections, Joe’s Black T-Shirt: Short Stories About St. Louis and The Games Men Play, have captivated short story enthusiasts. With his original voice, each story strives to be different from the last, constantly examining the world through the eyes of malcontents, degenerates, sadists, and the disaffected. The Veiled Prophet of St. Louis exposes itself through the ancient art of divinity called Tarot. As the playing cards are dealt the stories reveal the horror and the glory that is commonly overlooked and dismissed as ordinary life.




What people are saying…

Joe Schwartz has a knack for getting dirty and gritty with his writing. Each story is a snapshot into someone’s life, and these aren’t sweet moments of romance we’re seeing. He gives us a glimpse into the darkness. We see ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges. We witness the actions of people who are sociopaths and people who are simply lost. Through it all, I felt each character’s emotions and struggles. Even when I didn’t agree with their choices, I could understand how they arrived at the place they were in. This collection is full of gems that will make you think differently about the people you work with and live near.

The Veiled Prophet of Saint Louis uses tarot cards as story titles and guides as he drops you one by one into each life at a pivotal point and however sad, horrible or twisted that life, before Schwartz is done, you’ve seen their soul, you are there to stay, they are your friend, they your family – you feel you know and understand them – thanks to Schwartz’ uncanny insight into human nature. Then Schwartz slaps down the next tarot card and you are in the midst of another person’s sad, horrible or twisted life. What a ride. I read this on Kindle, I’m ordering the paperback for my second read.

– Book Addicts

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